About Us 

Allergy  Free Russian is a clean and well inspected  Russian blue home and environment, with a lot of devotion and attention given in raising our kittens.

When you adopt a kitten from us, be sure to get a well socialized kittens that is full of life  tricks. They are all well taken care of by my family and we are happy to share this love for kittens with other families. 

Our kittens are hand raised indoors, spayed or neutered, current vaccinations, dewormed and examined by a licensed veterinarian before going home. Each receive a 72 hour warranty for viral diseases as well as a 1 year warranty for congenital and hereditary defects.

Our Goal

Our goal is to raise our breeds the Russian and Sphynx kittens with excellent markings and sweet temperaments. We desire to place beautiful kittens in loving homes where they will be an enrichment to the family. We have raised some of the prettiest kittens you will find around. We love what we do and put in the time an effort to make sure we meet the standards of our loving adoptive families.