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Why does kittens meow so much?

 Kittens meow because they want something. “Feed me!” is the most common translation, but “Play with me!” is a close second.

Will her eyes stay blue?

Once they open their eyes (around the first or second week of life), kittens’ eyes will typically appear a dusty grayish-blue. Alas, for most cats, this adorable color will not last. At about 4 to 7 weeks, their true eye color will develop. And who knows? It may well be more gorgeous than the blue of early kittenhood.

Can she transmit any diseases to my other pets or my kids?

Yeah, she can. Internal parasites are the most common issue for people, but some fungal and bacterial infections are also potentially transmissible.

Why does kittens bite me so much?

he’s learning how to stalk prey, that’s why. Oh, and because it’s fun, of course! Don’t like it? Try to focus her attention on toys, rather than your hands, when you play with her. Or, get another kitten.

How do I keep her from scratching up everything?

Start early! Get a scratching post or scratching toy and get cracking.

Does she need a bath?

Technically… no. Most cats don’t need to be bathed. However, there are some exceptions: 1) Some cats with skin diseases may require medicated shampooing; 2) Humans with allergies to cats often find that bathing cats helps control the allergenic dander significantly; 3) Some cats may stop grooming as they get older, if they are arthritic or if they are overweight, so they might need some help keeping clean.




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